Kate is thinking about how his life has been. In the mail she receives an invitation to her 50th high school reunion. She wonders if “he” will be there.


(sung by Mills Girl Kate)

I've had a good life
some well defined moments
Always tried my best
sure I've had regrets

You could say that
I wished a bit
hoped a lot
kissed a bit
loved a lot
Laughed a bit
smiled a lot
danced a bit
and dreamed a lot

A novice at first
but hey weren't we all then?
And some friends were lost
at no little cost
you could say that I

heard a bit
saw a lot
taught a bit
learned a lot
Played a bit
worked a lot
lost a bit but I really lived a lot

I've had a nice life
complaints I have few at all
life is so serene
fifty years it's been
I hope my Berkeley Boy's there