Some things are unexpected
But never unconnected
Though they may go undetected
For some great length of time
But eventually
They finally see
The proper light of day
They’re always resurrected
They’re seen and then subjected
To the antiseptic spectra
Of a strong and piercing ray
Now, should the need arise
Should the ides advise
Before we get red eyes
Don’t toss in the towel
Don’t bow to guttural growl
Pained looks and clamped down jowl
These won’t change the simple fact
You got a low lottery number
And you’re going to be called to serve
You’re going to get to preserve
Our presence in Vietnam
Instead of finishing college
Instead of obtaining the useful degree
We’ll have you join the soldiers landing
Far away across the sea
You’ll get to see the world
Well, from the battlefield perspective
See what we’re fighting for
Understand, the grand directive
To keep the dominoes standing
You see, they instituted the lottery draft
And I got a low lottery number
Was strictly chance that took me under
So I dropped out of college, senior year
Went through the pre-induction physical
Walked in lines in underwear
Young men, undressed, mostly bare
A process declared mostly fair
Yet most would try to find an exclusion
I did not have a solid reason
I was under no illusion
But nearly hidden amongst the filled in answers
The physical form had so many
I wrote “bee stings” in the “allergy—other” location
And when I got to the final station
The point, it turns out, of my salvation
A khakied man making the final notation
Asked for my doctor’s letter
For what? I asked
This bee sting allergy right here, he pointed
I don’t have one
An allergy?
No, a letter!
Well, then, you’re done, it’s clear
You’re about to be approved
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, what can I do
To stop this from going through?
Submit a letter from your doctor
That’s the only critical factor
Without it you can’t be refused
How long do I have?
A week, 10 days, maybe two
Ok, I’ll get it, I said and left
A great big quickening in my step
After yanking back on my shirt and pants
I drove home with a definite sense
I still had a chance
Yes, I still had a chance!
I got the doctor’s letter
Delivered it in person
Two weeks later got a draft board answer
You are: Deferred
Hoo-rah! Hoo-rah! My life starts over
Bee sting exemption gives me a restart
Hoo-rah! Hoo-rah! My life starts over
Back to school the next fall quarter
Back alive and kicking again
Kicking and grinning
Dancing a jig
A new beginning
Got a new gig!
I’m alive! Man, oh man! I’m alive!
Thought I was a goner
Couldn’t have been wronger
I’m alive! I’m alive!
Kickin’ and’ grinnin’
Got a new beginning
This bee sting exemption
My bee sting redemption
The humble honey bee is my greatest friend
Might etch that on my tombstone
Plant flowers on my grave
To feed the humble honey bee
He changed my life and set me free
May he forever buzz and sing
To those who need his potent sting.
Some things are unexpected
But never unconnected
Though maybe undetected
For some great length of time
Some things are unexpected
But never unconnected
Though they may go undetected
For some great length of time