Berkeley Boy Jim and Mills Girl Kate are off to college together in Jim’s VW bus. It’s 1967 and they will soon experience the happenings of the ‘60’s.



sung by Mills Girl Kate and Berkeley Boy Jim

BB: Put a purple peace sign
On that minibus of mine
Got to leave this hot valley town
MG: Hittin’ close to fifty
Headin’ for the city
Rollin’ down the 99
BB: Drivin’ past the Haight, baby
MG: ‘Cross the Golden Gate, maybe
BB: Searchin’ for a summer of love
Got some smiles and thumbs up
MG: From the passing semi-trucks
BB: As they nearly blow us off the road
MG: Burden off my shoulders
BB: Don't trust anyone older
Over thirty that's what I've been told
Both: Over thirty? Who could be so old?